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Double Shaft Ribbon Blender

double shaft ribbon blender



We are the leading supplier and exporter of Double Shaft Ribbon Blender for mixing dry powder, granular, crumbling and sticky materials in the process industries including pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, and cosmetics. This Blender is constructed with solid U trough fitted with double helical agitator provides effective mix of different powder and liquid materials.

Our company manufactures this blender using premium grades of stainless steel and alloy steel. This blending machine is easy to operate and have long lasting functional life. We design this blender that ensures complete mixing process of all the particles leaving no pure spots.

The whole machine consists of driving parts, agitator and twin U-shape cylinder. The driving part is the part through which the decelerator drives the agitator to run with lines of chain or gear driving. Protester is two shaft paddles, and the paddles run at the same speed. The paddles on the shaft arranged with a special angle to make sure the materials can get a compound effect in a short time.


It is also known as Double paddle mixer. This mixer has fast mixing speed and the mixing period of this blender is between 30~120 seconds. Double paddle mixer has high mixing consistency. Top of the blender will be covered with SS sheets or polycarbonate windows. Bottom discharge of this machine is made up of knife edge gate valves or shutters or ball valves based on the product requirement.


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