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Double Sigma Mixer

Double z blades sigma mixer owns two pieces of sigma blades in a W type mixing chamber.The two sigma blades could rotate in clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction to help mixing and discharging.

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double sigma mixer



Sigma Mixer Options

  • Discharge in sigma mixers is done by tilting container / bottom sliding valves / bottom gates / flush bottom gate valves.
  • Tilting in sigma mixers is done by hand liver / hand wheel with lead screw /electrical arrangements / hydraulic systems.
  • Lifting of lead either manually, with help of counter weights or hydraulically.
  • 'Z' Type Spiral blade / Naben / double naben blades to circulate hot / cold water in cases of heavy masses.
  • Jacketed shell for heating or cooling by steam, oil, water etc. with fiber
  • Spray system for liquid addition / gas purge.
  • Flame proof / Non-flame proof electrical controls.


The double z blades mixer could be used to make the following products:

1)Brake Linings,brake pads(needing special steel plate);
  2)Polishing pastes;
  3)Different kinds of resins;
  5)Carbon Electrodes;
  7)Chewing Gum;
  9)EVA hot melt glue/adhesives
  10)Battery paste

   11) Carboxymethylcellulose(CMC)

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