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High Speed Dispersers

high speed disperser



Our product range includes a wide range of high-speed disperser with cover, closed/vacuum high-speed disperser, mid-batch lab high-speed disperser, dual-shaft high-speed disperser, high-speed disperser with clamping and co-axial compound high-speed disperser.

High-Speed Disperser with Cover 

High-speed Disperser is to dissolve, disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. Through the very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc, the strong shearing, crashing and friction forces generated between the materials and toothed disc disperse, dissolve and mix the materials efficiently. The large stress forces break down the agglomerates into the liquid or paste suspension.

Main feature
  • With cover matching with its container to avoid dust flying, materials splashing and volatilization of the solvent products during dispersing. Easy operation, safe and convenient. The cover is mirror polished, easy to clean and nice appearance
  • Little air absorption during mixing and dispersing process
  • It disperses and dissolves materials to smaller particle size efficiently
  • No dead corner during mixing. Easy to clean, wide capacity range, various speed control, stable operation, low noise and long-time continuous operation

Specification :
  • Power Supply : 415V,50Hz(Can be customized)
  • Speed Adjustment : Frequency Converter
  • Material : The part contacting with materials is SS304 or SS316L.
  • Height Adjustment : Hydraulic Lifting Cover Simple Half-split type, Fixed type, Lifting type (Lid with gas strut is available)

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