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Reaction Vessel

Reaction Vessel




Reaction Vessel Use

Reaction Vessels are used in carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions including condensation, polymerization, esterification etherification, hydrolysis, hydration, reduction, oxidation, hydrogenation etc. at pressures (Up to 30 Kg. / cm2) and at temperatures ranging -20°C to +250°C. Reaction needing simultaneous fractional distillation and azeotropic distillation can also be conducted very efficiently using these chemical reaction vessels.

Material of Constructions

Various materials of construction, such as MS, SS304, SS 316, SS 316L, Rubber Lined etc, can be offered as per requirement.

Designs :

Standards chemical reaction vessels and reaction kettle designed for 3 Kg/cm2 Internal pressure or full vacuum, jacketed Vessels are designed for 3 Kg/cm2 Jacket pressure or full vacuum. Heavy - duty vessels for higher operating pressures are also available as per process requirement. For reaction vessels for highly inflammable material, mechanical seal with supporting assembly can be provided. Variable speed drives and flame proof motors can be incorporated for special application agitators.


We offer high quality reaction vessel in different capacities ranging from 50 liters to 35,000 liters.


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