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The Ribbon Blender mixing machines are widely used for products like Abrasives, Agrochemicals, Animal feed, Cereals, Coatings, Chemical powders, Detergents, Explosives, Fertilizers, Powders, Fish foods, Flours, Fungicide treatments, Gulab jamun premix, Metal powders, Milk powders, Pet foods, Pesticides, Pickles, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer chips, Powders, Salts, Snacks, Spices products, Soya beans, Soups Premix, Starch, Sugar, Thermosetting Powders, Talcum Powders, Vitamins etc.

The Blending machine is fabricated in U shaped sturdy body, having top cover and bottom discharge valve, centrally mounted longitudinal shaft on which Spirals ribbons are mounted. Our specially designed spiral ribbons gives the best blending results due to Three dimensional action. Thus every particle comes equally in contact with other particle and get blended equally. The Blender machines are available with options as per customer requirements, having Full Stainless Steel construction (GMP MODEL), OR with contact parts in Stainless Steel and Non contact parts in Mild Steel with Enamel/Epoxy paint (STANDARD MODEL).

Ribbon Blender in Mumbai
Ribbon Blender Manufacturer Andhra Pradesh
Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Blender Have A "U" Shape Pot And Fitted With The System Of Horizontal Axis In Corparating Agitator Consisting Of Out And Inner Spirel Ribbon. Supported On Heavy Duty Arms Running Through Length Of "U" Shape Mixer. The Ribbon Has A Design To Provide Redial And Axial Mixing Action. Aslo Have A Pravision With Minimun Gape Between Shell And Ribbon For Accurati Blinding Of Pigments

ABF 300 300 kg 5 HP
ABF 500 500 kg 10 HP
ABF 1000 1000 kg 15 HP
ABF 1500 1500 kg 25 HP

The Advantages of our Blender machine, over other brand are

  • Improves the consistent quality Homogenous mixing, No lump formation of Material as minimum gap between shell & ribbons.
  • Improves Hygienic condition Minimum hand contamination, avoids dusting of Material, all contact parts made of Stainless Steel.
  • Reduction in Labour cost.
  • Increases Production.
  • Apart from the Blending the Machine can be used to
  • Add small amount of Powders Colours, Concentrates etc.
  • Add small amount of Liquids Essences etc. with Spraying System or oil seasoning of various products.
  • Break lumps & agglomerates formed during Mixing, while adding Liquids by Lump cutter system.
Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Mumbai, Drum Flaker Manufacturer
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